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As the official Cheetos® spokescheetah, I’m so muchmore than just a pretty face. I’m also really good-looking. See for yourself.


Press Conference

Introducing new cinnamon-sugar flavored Sweetos: the most innovative thing Cheetos has ever introduced around Easter. Not to mention the only thing.

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No Features

Every now and then a product comes along that changes the course of humanity. This is not one of those products. These are Sweetos. And they’re delicious.

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Sweetos Bag vs. Easter Basket

The Sweetos bag has a revolutionary Easter design. It’s 80% lighter than an Easter basket and 100% less baskety.

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Sweetos vs. Chocolate Bunny

Stare at your screen if you like the innovative taste of Sweetos more than chocolate Easter bunnies. Ah, we knew you’d make the right decision.

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Sweetos vs. Jelly Bean

Want to know what the most innovative Easter snack ever is? Here’s a hint: it’s not a jelly bean. Here’s another hint: it’s a Sweetos snack.

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Los Cheetahs on Tour with Mexican National Soccer Team!

Los Cheetahs, the most entertaining fútbol club in the world, will be performing at the pre-game AT&T Fútbol Fiesta of the Mexican National Soccer team in 2015! The first two games are Los Angeles (LA Coliseum) on Saturday, March 28th, and Kansas City (Arrowhead Stadium) on Tuesday, March 31st. Come early to the AT&T Fútbol Fiesta for great entertainment, games & prizes, and free samples of Cheetos snacks. Also, there will be a guest appearance of a Mexican National Team legend!

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Fun. Fútbol. Family. Los Cheetahs.

Introducing Los Cheetahs, the most entertaining fútbol club in the world! Join us on Saturday, November 8 in Long Beach for a dangerously cheesy fútbol event like you've never seen before. You could meet Jorge Campos! More info at:

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Cheetos® presents Los Cheetahs vs. Los Jefes

Cheetos® presents Los Cheetahs – the most entertaining fútbol club in the world! Watch highlights from the inaugural game against Los Jefes in Long Beach with a special appearance by Jorge Campos! More information at:

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Cheetos® Tiny Twitter Tales of Terror: The Frightening Finalists

Never fear: the five winners have been chosen for Tiny Twitter Tales of Terror. Or be very afraid, if you dare to watch their winning movies now.

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Tiny Twitter Tales of Terror

This Halloween, there’s finally something scarier than the comments section on YouTube: Tiny Twitter Tales of Terror. Submit your own scary story with the hashtag #cheetales for a chance to have it made into a scary short movie.

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Chester Cheetah's® Halloween Prank #1: The Spooky Stock Boy

Drop everything you're doing and check out the first of my ghostery store pranks featuring the new Cheetos® Bag of Bones.

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Cheetos®: Chester Cheetah's® Halloween Prank #2: The Ghostery Cart

My next ghostery store prank will help you get a head start on your Halloween celebration. Literally. Check it out.

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Cheetos®: Chester Cheetah's® Halloween Prank #3: A Taste of Terror

I’ve got to hand it to myself, these ghostery store pranks have been hilarious. Watch my final one.

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Chester Cheetah® discovers that picking up a hitchhiker might not be the best idea. But new Cheetos® Bag of Bones snacks might be our best idea yet. Try some this Halloween.

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My vacation video is so good that I almost got FOMO. Then, I remembered I was there and watched it again. Check it out.

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Chester Cheetah® is upping the ante on fun this summer.

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Life's a beach. And Chester Cheetah® wants to make sure everyone has some fun in the sun.

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Look who's coming to dinner: Chester Cheetah® with a bag of Cheetos® snacks. Bon appétit.

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This Cheetos® ad turns into a game on YouTube. Commence firing!

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